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This site is to be a community in support of people that are aware of their calling to work with the intuition and awareness to help awoken souls with their paths.
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 Hi to all.

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PostSubject: Hi to all.   Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:07 pm

I'm Aurora. I am 29 years old, and I hail from Colchester Essex UK. I've decided to set up my own site and community simply because I LOVE to help other people and generally help those that approach me first for either practice reads or healing sessions as I am very aware. I believe knowledge that is guided from the many sources of knowledge that are out there should not be charged for, so this is indeed an online free non-profit working community that does not charge for any of its services.  

I am able to work with crystals and stones and also natural planetary energy in directing positive healing energy to go out where it is needs to go - my intentions always are positive as its best to be positively where all intentions are concerned. I find with this that as long as one is true to themselves, one can't let one down as its finding out what works for yourself most of the time, if not all the time.

I lead an path that is headed towards more the nature based path which is complete with working with spirit and taking on board what sits naturally right with me in an eclectic approach. I don't know what kind of path that its called, don't think it has a particular name as of yet, but I'm always learning more about my intuition and the innate born ability of the clairs. I am able to read intuitively as well as heal. I can't stand labels as feel labels invite the presence of ego and its just not for me nor my path.

I hope folks that find us which are indeed viewing the community join us. All are welcome. The only real fundamental rule is to not bring in your ego or negative intents or spiritual/psychic warfare here but to just be mindful of your energy, clear when you feel the need to and also ground and protect up in the natural way that sits right for you/

Peaceful Blessings - and - Happy Posting!

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Hi to all.
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