Welcome Home to Epiphanie! Feel free to join and register as a regular member. Please be respectful and mindful of the energy you bring into our site. No egos In Our Home, all we ask is for you to just be yourselves. Make sure your intentions are positive before entering our place of Sanctuary. Thank you!


This site is to be a community in support of people that are aware of their calling to work with the intuition and awareness to help awoken souls with their paths.
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 Epiphanie Guidelines

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PostSubject: Epiphanie Guidelines   Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:42 pm

The Owner of the Site and her Team here at Epiphanie Guidelines reserve the right to amend these guidelines should the need arise or when deemed appropiate to do so. First let it be known that Epiphanie is officially open to all awoken and aware souls that gather and which are drawn or guided to find us here, We welcome you into our online Home of Homes.

We have put together compilation of forum guidelines which we feel members just need to be mindful of while you are posting on the forum and chatting in our Chat (to come soon).

1. You must be over 18 years old to be a part of our community. Our community is indeed a new uk community site therefore our membership is for awoken and aware souls over the age of 18 years old.
2. Our community is founded on friendship and our mission is to help others in their path, those that are drawn to work with spirit and higher connections conveying across messages of hope and confirmation from the Spirit World and the Universe. Please make sure your intentions are positive before venturing into this site, so as to just double-check that you are on the path that's right for you.
3. Everyone has free will and freedom of choice and its by this which determines the outcome of any practice reading or healing session. The outcome is left open-ended for you to decide on the direction of where life takes you.
4. We do not predict as the future is not set in stone. Currently, all of our practice reading and healing sessions are completed online via the correct section, (which is to come) though there is a section on the forums where you can indeed request practice readings to be completed or for healing to be sent.
5. Anyone found guilty of spamming or identified as a troublemaker/troll/mutes will indeed be banished from our site as we have no patience for those coming in to create spiritual warfare or through your own inadequacies or disrupt the harmonising atmosphere within our site. All dubious activity where this is concerned will indeed be moderated and deleted accordingly.
6. When sitting, try not to feed the reader, but answer with as little as possible or yes no, maybe, true, poss or an I don't know answer so as not to feed the link of information.
7. Ground and protect as always on our site so as ensure you are safe for your own peace of mind as much as ours.
8. If you are offered a chance to become part of the Team, please set aside your ego in here, but just continue to be yourselves as you are when you first joined this site. ALL members and team members are equal....and ought to be respected as such.
9. Respect for ALL. ALL are accepted: Don't judge a book by its cover... not until you know the full story. Be respectful of our guidelines for our site, be mindful and ask... but don't tell another how to walk their path......walk your own paths on this community, not another person's path.
10. Preachy posts about evil and negativity or that the posts appear suspicious of it will also be deleted. We are not here to talk about that. Life is too short to invite the negative into one's lifestyle
11. No diganosis or medical advice to be given on site. If you have a personal concern over Health issue please take it to a professional counsellor or medical practictioner or local doctor or GP that is experienced within their field.

With all that said, anything goes! Wink
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Epiphanie Guidelines
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